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Marketing To Parents and Flynn & O’Hara School Uniform Shoppers

Retailer Corner

School uniforms have been the subject of heated debates in American schools in recent decades, and there has been a steady increase in the requirement of school uniforms for public and private schools alike. The reasons have varied widely from school security in regard to anti-gang and to prevent outsiders, to even the prevention of bullying for children’s economic backgrounds or style choices. No matter what the reason may be, for the 2011-2012 school year, 19.3% of all American public secondary and high schools required their students to wear uniforms, and 56.9% of private secondary and high schools also implemented uniforms. With a steady average increase of 2% across public schools with each passing school year, marketing to parents with school-aged children through ecommerce purchases is an ingenious move.

4 Back-to-School Marketing Trends

back to school marketing trends toysrus

I’ve been putting off writing a back-to-school post because I didn’t want to admit that summer was coming to an end. But, I don’t think I can delay it anymore, especially with last weekend’s cool, fall-like weather and the bombardment of ads recently.  The National Retail Federation expects the shopping season to see a five-percent increase in spending from last year, with consumers planning to shop more online. As such, here are four back-to-school marketing trends that I’ve noticed. 

BOOK DISCUSSION: The Big Lie …or interpreting your global customer’s inner life for profit

The Big Lie book discussion

It’s time for another book discussion. This month, we read the 2014 Marketing Book of the Year, The Big Lie by Christophe Jouan, Meabh Quoirin and James Murphy. The authors are all involved with the Future Foundation and much of the data from the book comes from the organization’s research and insight. Its purpose is to help brands and businesses understand and interpret consumer research to make better decisions.

Retailers Capitalize on Social Media Habits of Professional Women Ages 30+

Retailer Corner

Instagram now has over 200 million users and over 20 billion uploaded photos and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Everyday while I scroll through my Instagram feed, waiting for the C Train, I always see my friends’ outfits of the day. During the morning hours, the most common hashtag I see is #outfitoftheday and it’s usually trending on Instagram. At BrandShare, we often cite a statistic that consumers who shop online are over twice as likely to share their experiences with their friends and family. Many are professional women ages 30+, whose ecommerce purchasing and social media usage habits are on the rise. White House | Black Market is a career-wear centric retailer for this women demographic and took note of this trend. 

Programmatic Buying and Brand Marketing – A Good Match?

programmatic buying bids resized 600

I’ve been seeing the term programmatic everywhere lately, or at least it seems. Last month’s news that Procter and Gamble plans to buy at least 70% of its digital ads programmatically by the end of the year and May’s announcement from American Express to shift 100% of its online buys have put the method in the headlines. Experts have been weighing the pros and cons of programmatic buying in general and analyzing the decisions ad nauseam. But, if you’re like me, you may not have understood what programmatic buying really is and who should use it. 

Marketing To Runners Who Spend Significantly On Their Sport

Retailer Corner

As of 2013, almost 42 million Americans were active runners/joggers, including over 7.8 million on the Southern coast. In the past decade, the fitness activity has experienced a 70% overall growth rate, which has lead to an impressive bump in activewear sales. Marketing to runners at the height of the 5k and the beginning of the marathon seasons is an intelligent investment for many brands looking to reach target these consumers.

BOOK DISCUSSION: Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever

marking to millennials book discussion

Our July book for discussion is Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever by Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton. The millennial generation is more than 80 million strong with a direct buying power estimated at $1.3 trillion. Brands can’t afford to ignore them. In the book, Fromm and Garton review the six segments of these consumers and offer five new rules of marketing to millennials.

Cannes Lions Festival’s Annual Celebration of Creative Communications

cannes lions festival logo resized 600

Cannes, France is fortunate enough to not only be host to the renowned and familiar Festival de Cannes for film, but also to a week-long event for creative professionals dubbed the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Since 1954, the Cannes Lions festival has rewarded and celebrated pioneers in the creative worlds of marketing, film, radio, and technology.

Omaha Steaks Is Constantly Adapting to the Marketplace

Retailer Corner

In the United States, the retail equivalent of the beef industry’s value was an astounding $88 billion in 2013, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, and has increased by $28 billion since 2002. Beef has been a staple in American diets for quite some time, and although red meat has had a negative image of late, beef consumption has been on the rise. During the summer, it’s all about BBQs and hamburgers, and getting those grill marks just right. But, no matter what time of year it is, steak holds a special place in the hearts of carnivores. Interestingly enough, not much has changed in the past few decades of how beef is sold or packaged. Yet, Omaha Steaks is constantly adapting to the marketplace and changing the way you and your family think about buying meat and cooking for large parties.

Father’s Day Marketing Should Focus on Family and Traditions

At the risk of exposing my family’s uniquenes, my memories of Father’s Day from growing up were of the cemetery. My grandpa passed away when I was six, and every year after that the whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins) met at his grave on Father’s Day morning. Someone always brought Bill’s Donuts and we drank orange juice and coffee. It never seemed morbid. Once everyone had arrived, we said a prayer. And then we all drove over to my grandma’s and spent the afternoon swimming in her pool, going for walks in the woods, playing whiffle ball, etc. The holiday was more about family than gift-giving, and I think brands have success when they focus their Father’s Day marketing on that aspect.

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